5087-02 Createx Illustration Opaque Set 2oz

5087-02 Createx Illustration Opaque Set 2oz
Item# 5087-02
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Product Description

Illustration Opaque Colors are heavily pigmented opaque colors which dry to a matte finish.

Colors may be reduced and over-reduced in any ratio with 4012 & 4020 Reducers. Illustration Colors appear glossy and vibrant with dimension after a gloss, top-coat clear is applied.

5087 Illustration Opaque Set contains:

5068 White, 5069 Yellow, 5070 Chrome Yellow, 5071 Orange, 5072 Red Orange, 5073 Red, 5074 Light Blue, 5075 Dark Blue, 5076 Purple, 5077 Green, 5078 Black, 4012 High Performance Reducer

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