8oz Auto-Air 6003 AutoBorne Sealer Grey

8oz Auto-Air 6003 AutoBorne Sealer Grey
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Product Description

AutoBorne™ is a waterborne coating designed for use with waterborne and or solvent paints. AutoBorne™ Sealers should be color keyed with the basecoat or mid-coat color to be applied for improved coverage. AutoBorne™ is easy to apply, quick drying, self-leveling and may be dry-sanded. AutoBorne™ is compatible with waterborne and or solvent paints.

To complete your full custom system, use of Auto Air Colors, Wicked Colors and Createx Illustration Colors can ensure a seamless color system as well as any other type of waterborne or solvent-based paint.

Note: when applying over a solvent based product (primer) or applying a solvent based product (clearcoat) over top, be sure to wipe with a standard wax and grease remover. This will help ensures the elimination of any contaminants that may adversely effect the final product


Not direct to metal. When working on bare metal, first apply a self-etching DTM primer.

Apply direct to aluminum, wood, concrete, vinyl, ceramic glass and fiberglass. Universally compatible with all automotive primers and clears. Apply direct to prepared primer or finish. Plastics – AutoBorne™ is excellent to adhere direct to most plastics. Harder plastics such as polystyrene may require application of an adhesion promoter prior to application.

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