Badger Model Flex Paint Sets

Badger Model Flex Paint Sets
If you're not satisfied until every detail is perfect, then let MODELflex¨ bring your models to life. It is a superior hobby paint designed to help modelers achieve authentic, professional painting results, with greater ease and proficiency. Waterbased MODELflex¨ is easy to apply with an airbrush or paint brush and clean-up is fast and easy with MODELflex ¨ cleaner. MODELflex¨ paint dries in 12 to 15 minutes at room temperature (3 to 5 minutes if heat dried).

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Badger MODELflex Railroad Rolling Stock - Set of 7$22.95$14.95
Badger MODELflex Scenery and Structure - Set of 7$22.95$14.95
Badger MODELflex Military Colors - Set of 7$22.95$14.95

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