Badger TC908 ASPIRE Airbrush Compressor

Badger TC908 ASPIRE Airbrush Compressor
Item# TC908
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Product Description

The Badger TC908 1/6 horse power compressor features everything you need for most airbrush projects. Included is the automatic shut-off feature which keeps the compressor on while building pressure then automatically shuts off when the pressure is reached. Also included are a moisture trap, regulator and gauge. With this compressor your ready to start spraying!

Key Features:
- Maintenance free (no oil necessary)
- Automatic Shut-Offp
- Pop-up Handle
- Regulator, Gauge, and Moisture Trap
- On/off Switch
- 1/8 Hose connection and 1/8 to 1/4 hose adapter

Horsepower: 1/6HP
Displacement: .81cfm (23 L/min)
Max. Pressure: 57psi (4 bar)
AMP (110V): 1.0A
Weight: 7.93 lbs. (3.6 Kgs)

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