Createx Illustration Bloodline Master Set - 2oz

Createx Illustration Bloodline Master Set - 2oz
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Product Description

Bloodline is part of the Creates Illustration Color line. Createx Illustration Colors are water-based and use fine ultra-fine pigment partials. The refined qualities of these colors make it easy to produce super-fine lines. Once applied the paint surface is also rewettable and open to erasing highlight effects.

5035 Old Bone White, 5036 Dermatitis Tan, 5037 Injury Ochre, 5038 Infectious Pink, 5039 Blood Red, 5040 Coagulated Crimson, 5041 Vascular Violet, 5042 Deep Bruise Purple, 5043 Expired Blue, 5044 Code Blue, 5045 Decay, 5046 Blunt Trauma Umber, 5047 Diseased Umber, 5048 Surgery Sienna, 5049 Vile Green, 5090 Transparent Base, 4012 High Performance Reducer

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