《《《《Live Airbrush Demo!》》》》

Learn some freehand and masking airbrush techniques from local pro airbrush artist Jason Preker @voodoopaint . Stop by, ask questions, get answers, become better!
When: Friday Oct 5th 6:30pm
Where: Our store 3323 W Diversey Ave Chicago IL
Cost: FREE

Steve Chaszeyka’s Home School Pinstriping Course

Home School Graphics Study Course is a two part series. The first part (complete) consists of ten lessons, beginning with simple and advancing to intermediate techniques. This course offers a graphic approach to the artist giving them templates and techniques to complete each segment. Samples of these lessons are included in the photo attached. Simple flame and graphic exercises are taught using one shot and a variety of brushes, sponges, rollers etc to accomplish seeming impossible blends, marblizing, spatters, etc. It introduces the beginner to the world of graphics and offers techniques that I have used for many years to become the top earner on the motorcycle circuit.

The second half of the course (almost completed) is also a ten part series which gives the most advanced and complicated projects. It shows gold leaf techniques, airbrush shading, pinstripe outlines, etc. It works well for someone who has already taken my pinstriping video course and knows basic airbrush skills. These lessons will cost $300 for the complete course and will be available for $50 per lesson individually. For more details click here.

Sideshow Gallery, Midwest Airbrush Supply and Revolution Brewery have put together an art show guaranteed to scare the hell out of you! Or, at least impress the hell out of you with some bad-ass artwork from some extremely talented airbrushers and other artists alike.

Feast your eyes on some ghastly nightmare clown portraits from Christian "Crispy" Pena, peer into the twisted mind of airbrush wiz Ron "Brutal" Jordan or just have your final breathe taken away by the deeply disturbing and masterful ink renderings of gore mag master "Putrid" Matt Carr. Plus, get shocked and horrified by some dark-sided 3D custom airbrush projects by Jesse Lopez and Damon Rowley. And if that weren't enough to lure you in, come see a creepy collection of art by airbrush icons Javier Soto and Steve Driscoll.

So why not test your luck this Friday The 13th and stop by for some libations and browse an incredible selection of original artworks and prints!

Where: Sideshow Gallery 2219 N Western Ave Chicago IL

When: Friday October 13th 7PM to 11PM

Questions? Give us a call: 872-829-2275 or E-mail us: