Grex X1000 - Large Format Spray Gun

Grex X1000 - Large Format Spray Gun
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Grex X1000 - Large Format Spray Gun
Grex X1000 Spray Gun

Excellent brush for backgrounds and spraying large areas. The X1000 is highly recommended for background painting on murals, canvas and automotive base coats. A must for any serious artist. There is always a need to spray larger areas with great coverage. The X1000 is the answer.

- Cutting edge design specifically for precise control of fine detailed work.
- High transfer efficiency control with superior atomization.
- Pre-adjustable pattern widths for maximum control.
- Precisely machined stainless steel nozzle and needle.
- Larger diameter nozzle threads for improved centering & stronger tightening.
- Convenient to clean design.
- Short passageway from cup to nozzle for responsive feel.
- Accept oils, gouches, urethanes, enamels, lacquers, acrylics, dyes, inks, & more.

Type: Spray Gun
Fluid Nozzle: 1.0 mm
Feed Type: Side Gravity
Fluid Output: 95 mL/min
Spray Width: Fine Line to 1.5"
Weight: 0.58kg (20.5 oz.)
Air Consumption: 2.6cfm (75 l/min)

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