Harder Steenbeck Evolution FX Edition

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Product Description

Flow system, suction system, large nozzle, small nozzle – many customers have difficulty making this decision. The new Evolution FX Edition 2011 is a limited edition which now addresses all of these wishes in a single instrument. The instrument is supplied as a flow system with a 2 ml cup and 0.2 mm nozzle set and, in common with the Two in One model, can be converted without difficulty for painting large surfaces through the addition of a 5 ml cup and 0.4 mm nozzle set. But that’s not everything: the instrument can also be converted into a suction system for 30 ml paint bottles in no time at all, thus facilitating rapid work on larger and/or vertical surfaces. The flow cup is simply unscrewed for this purpose and the thread sealed with a screw. The suction fitting closure on the underside of the instrument is removed, a paint bottle is connected – and you’re ready to spray! The instrument is also equipped with a controllable fPc air valve and a paint volume control to achieve perfect regulation of paint and air. Evolution FX Edition 2011 (Item # 133993) changeable flow/suction system, 0.2mm nozzle set and 2 ml flow cup fitted, includes 0.4 mm nozzle set, flow cup, 30 ml empty bottle and plug screw, fPc valve, paint volume control.

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