Iwata IFS1000 Freestyle Cordless Air Compressor

Iwata IFS1000 Freestyle Cordless Air Compressor
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Product Description

Iwata IFS1000 Freestyle Cordless Air Compressor

You can now spray cord-free!

What is significant about the Iwata Freestyle Air is that this unit will power any gravity feed style airbrush.

With the few other battery compressors on the market, they are made to work with the same brand airbrush and don’t power all brands sufficiently. With our unit, that is not a problem. In addition, our unit can work standing up or laying on its side – the airbrush holder adjusts accordingly.

· We are launching this new battery compressor next month at IMATS (International Make Up Artists Trade Show) because this unit will be a key player in airbrush make-up special effects on movie sets where cord-free use is a must.

There are many other applications where cord-free is desired…hobbies, bakery, fine art, body art, you name it!

· This unit comes with a NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery, hose and a global adapter with international plugs.

So users can travel anywhere with this unit. Additional accessories include additional battery, power adapter w/int’l plugs, airbrush holder and hose.


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Rechargeable NiMH Battery for Iwata Freestyle Compressor$134.00$120.00
AC Power Adapter with Plugs for Iwata Freestyle Compressor$40.95$36.86
5ft Lightweight Air Hose for Iwata Freestyle Compressor$12.95$11.65
Dual Airbrush Holder for Iwata Freestyle Compressor$12.95$11.65

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