JTAPE Striping Tape

JTAPE Striping Tape
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Product Description

JTAPE’s Striping Tape has been designed for easily painting long straight lines/stripes. It is ideal on cars, commercial vehicles, aeroplanes, boats etc. Its polypropylene, rigid construction, makes the job as simple as possible, with pre-cut lines to give a variety of stripe options and its non-bleed properties give a perfect finish. The 25mm tape is made up of a middle section of 12mm which includes 8 pull-out stripes of 1.5mm, providing a variety of stripes of different widths. Heat resistant to 138C/280F for up to 45 minutes. Saves time and improves accuracy during the pin striping process.

Striping Tape: for perfectly formed lines with precision – applied in an instant.

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