Mack KING 13 Brushes by Todd Hanson

Mack KING 13 Brushes by Todd Hanson
Andrew Mack & Son Brush Company has teamed up with Todd Hanson to create a brush called the "King 13" which is offered in sizes 00000, 000, 00, and 0.

We use a 60mm Chinese blue squirrel hair for the 00000 and 000 giving the brush a total length of 1 . We use a 64mm hair for the 00 and 0 which gives the brush a total length of 2. The brush has more pull in the making process giving it a little more taper than a traditional striper. The amount of hair that is distributed onto the handle during the making process is configured differently than our series #10 or #20 brushes. For example, the 00000 and 000 are made on a #00 handle, the 00 is made on a #0 handle, and the 0 is made on a #1 handle. Our technicians are applying the same amount of hair for a say a #00 brush but putting it on a handle that has a larger surface area.

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
MACK "KING 13" PINSTRIPING BRUSH - 0000000$18.00$15.30
MACK "KING 13" PINSTRIPING BRUSH - 00000$18.55$15.77
MACK "KING 13" PINSTRIPING BRUSH - 000$19.10$16.24
MACK "KING 13" PINSTRIPING BRUSH - 00$19.70$16.74
MACK "KING 13" PINSTRIPING BRUSH - 0$20.40$17.34

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