Paasche SI Single Action Internal Mix Airbrush

Paasche SI Single Action Internal Mix Airbrush
Item# SI-3L
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Product Description

New from Paasche: A single action airbrush with an adjustable handle!

New from Paasche, the SI is a single action airbrush with a knob at the back of the handle that can adjust the spray size by pulling the needle back and forth as it is turn right or left. So you can find the spray size that is right for your project, then spray away without worrying about over spraying.

SI Specifications:

-Single Action Internal Mix

-.74mm Head Included; .55mm & 1.06mm Heads Available.

-Single Action Simplicity with Internal Mix Atomization

-Patterns from 1/32" to 1-1/2"

-Anodized Aluminum Handle

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