Paasche Airbrush Hoses

Paasche braided hoses are finely threaded, flexible, reliable hoses with fittings.

Each of these hoses have a Paasche airbrush fitting on one end and a 1/4" fitting on the compressor end except for the Heavy Duty hoses which have a 3/4" fitting.

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
Paasche 4' Braided Airhose $10.15$8.12
Paasche 6' Braided Airhose$10.75$8.60
Paasche 8' Braided Airhose$13.15$10.52
Paasche 10' Braided Airhose$15.25$12.20
Paasche 15' Braided Airhose $19.95$15.96
Paasche 20' Braided Airhose$23.50$18.80
Paasche 10' Airhose w/Quick Disconnect installed$30.95$24.76
Paasche 15' Airhose with Quick Disconnect Installed$35.50$28.40
Paasche 8' Airhose with Moistur Trap $33.50$26.80
Paasche 20' Airhose with Moisture Trap$41.50$33.20
Paasche 10' Braided Air Hose with Moisture Trap Installed$34.50$27.60
Paasche 10ft Plastic Coiled Airhose$14.25$11.16
Paasche Heavy-Duty 3/16" Braided Hose - 6 ft$10.95$8.76
Paasche Heavy-Duty 3/16" Braided Hose - 8 ft$13.15$10.52
Paasche Heavy-Duty 3/16" Braided Hose - 10 ft$15.25$12.20
Paasche Model: AC-1/8 1/4 Coupling - to Compressor $4.30$3.44
Paasche Model: AC-20 1/8-1/4-40 Coupling - to Airbrush $4.30$3.44
Paasche Rubber O Ring (pack of 6)$4.95$3.96

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