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Airbrush Action Magazine 2017 September - October Issue

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Creating a true 'moving' tribute When Alan Pastrana, owner of PASTRANA UNLIMITED, meets with a client who has a true passion for the project, the first thing he has to do is sit down and pick the customers brain. “Everyone has a budget, whether big or small,” explains Alan… It was immediately clear from the amount of reference materials the client presented, just how important this project was to her, and it was also evident this was going to be a large undertaking!

The First Airbrush Artists Day
By Gerald Mendez
Gerson Sanchez from Bogota, Colombia, asked a very interesting question: "Why don’t we have an Airbrush Artist Day?!" So, we thought "Let's create an official day to celebrate!"

A 'Real' Indian
By Neimar L. DuArte
The client had just one idea in mind: Bare metal and a traditional Indian Motorcycle logo. After a talk, we decided that this bike deserved something a little more unique.

The Simple 'Shred'
By Steve Vandemon
Don’t be fooled by this project. As simple as it appears, these techniques can be used in wide variety of ways, leading to an original piece of art only defined by the creator’s mind.

Getting Tanked
By Steve Gibson
In this article I try to answer the following questions. 'How do I stand out?' 'What am I trying to sell?' 'What do I want the customer to know about me that’ll say “choose me?”'  

Createx's New Quicksilver Candy & Chrome
By Craig Fraser
Waterbourne anoline dyes have opened the door for Createx to develop truly automotive-grade waterbased candys. While we were working at making these candys just as colorfast and easy to work with as the industry standard candys, we came across a few surprises. Follow along and check out Createx's stunning Quicksilver Candy & Chrome.

Un-Natural Selection
By Gary Worthington
The business of T-shirt airbrushing has changed a lot since its inception so many years ago. Most of the time these days, custom orders get pushed aside in favor of the fast money of stock designs... but every now and then a request comes along that really baits me in. This project was just that.

What is LumiLor
By David Monnig
This product has opened up endless possibilities for artists and custom painters alike, and it’s really not that much different than an automotive paint job from the primer on up. Let's Get Lit!

The Chess Piece Challenge
By Rod Fuchs
The ‘Chess Piece Challenge’ was a fun experiment intending to shine a light on the incredible depths of creativity and ingenuity within the airbrush community.

Showcase Super Show
This one day special event showcased the industry’s top custom and classic automotive creations on two and four wheels. Vehicles competed for thousands of dollars in cash and prizes with dozens of retail specialty automotive and novelty vendors sponsoring the event.

Meet 'Lokey' Calderon
Born and raised in Dallas, TX, passionate pinstriper, Lokey, is one of the newest members of the Airbrush Action family. His artwork speaks for itself.