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Santa's Coupon Book 🎅
Santa's Coupon Book 🎅


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Sharing a common passion with other people is a great experience in all fields – no matter if it’s soccer, cooking or going to the gym. It’s the same about airbrushing, but there is one peculiarity: Airbrushing unites beyond borders. While it is most suitable to indulge in other hobbies with your neighbours in your home town, you are probably quite lonesome with airbrushing. But if you take a look beyond, whole new worlds are opening up: Artists from all over Europe meet at airbrush shows, artists from overseas are coming by on a regular basis to share their knowledge and, last but not least, the social media make it possible to share experience with and get inspiration from artists from all over the world. This year again, the Airbrush Artist Day marked the highlight of this international creativity. Beside many posts on Facebook and local celebrations around the globe, one art project joint 8 artists from 8 countries. In the middle of this issue, you can find the result of this unique project.

From the very beginning, it has been the highest priority of the Airbrush Step by Step magazine editors to offer a platform to artists and their artworks from all over the world in this magazine. This is why it still makes our day, when we detect a new talent somewhere on this planet. This was the case with Mike Tamas from Hungary, who is showing us some great automotive painting in this issue, as well as the AeroBrothers from Brazil who make their living from painting fun rides. Also Inessa Zhukova from Russia, showing an amazing portrait in this issue, is such a great talent. She actually benefitted from the commitment of the famous US artist Dru Blair who has been travelling the world and teaching his photorealism techniques for more than 6 years. He is telling about the challenges of international teaching in the interview.

German artist Georg Huber is always a great help with detecting and introducing international artists as his passion is travelling the US. This time, he met airbrush artist Matt Andrews in Arizona for an interview, while another German-American encounter took place in Oregon between Thomas Wiegand and Ed Hubbs. That’s when Thomas brought a great tutorial by Ed as well as an interview with him back to Germany and to the ASBS editors.

As you can see: Working international can be worthwhile for all of us. Being the icing on the cake, it’s a great pleasure for us that this Airbrush Step by Step magazine issue is the first one being on sale in some of the best-known book stores in the US, the UK, Australia and other countries. Thanks to all the artists, readers and distributors who have been supporting us!

Best wishes from Germany, the ASBS team

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Goblin Queen – Fantasy Illustration

US Artist Michael Calandra is creating another amazing fantasy portrait.

C-3PO – Custom Painting

The cute droide from the Star Wars movies would be flattered seeing his portrait on Mike Tamas’ Suzuki Swift car.

Miley Cyrus – Fun Fair ride painting

Young and American – This is what the customer asked the AeroBrothers from Brazil for the design of his fun fair ride.

Father – Portrait

Inessa Zhukova from Moscow is a student of the famous photorealist Dru Blair. She has also used his techniques for this expressive portrait.

Where to start? – Repairing a damaged airbrush design

It was an honor and challenge at the same time for Ed Hubbs to recreate the damaged airbrush design of legendary artist Bob Spina.

Interview – Every Day an Adventure

Dru Blair is one of the most successful airbrush artists in the world. In the interview he give an insight into his international airbrush workshop tour.

The quickest Gun in Arizona – Georg Huber meets Matt Andrews

While travelling the US and searching for inspiration, German artist Georg Huber met airbrush artist Matt Andrews in Arizona.

Report – Airbrush Artist Day 2018: The Airbrush World celebrates

… including 8 artists from 8 countries creating a unique international art project


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