Shading & Blending Pt 2 with Terry Hill - PDF Download!

Shading & Blending Pt 2 with Terry Hill - PDF Download!
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"The previous example made use of mostly primary colors and employed a variety of the strokes and exercises covered in the past yearís Back to Basics column. To further prove the great benefits of mastering these basic strokes, a mountain scene is demonstrated next. Iíll start by using mostly secondary colors, and then exercise whatever colors are necessary to produce a nice finished look, complete with lettering..."

Terry Hill has been airbrushing T-shirts in the Florida panhandle since 1981. A leading force in the airbrush world, Terry co-designed the air compressor for Silentaire that bears his name, and he has become a leading innovator of new products for the airbrush industry. When heís not working at Airbrush Headquarters in Destin, Florida, he is the director of the distinguished Airbrush Getaway workshops. PDF courtesy of Airbrush Action.

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