"Wizards Pinstriping Basics" Airbrush Action DVD

"Wizards Pinstriping Basics" Airbrush Action DVD
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Product Description

Become a master at pinstiping with Wizard's revolutionary 10,000 stroke training method. The 10 basic strokes (vertical straight line, horizontal straight line, left-handed "C" curve, right-handed "C" curve, top horizontal "C" curve, bottom horizontal "C" curve, right "S" curve, left "S" curve, horizontal top "S" curve and bottom horizontal "S" curve) are broken down and demonstrated in complete detail. This is the best and most through video ever produced on the fundamentals of pinstriping.

You'll learn introduction to all the products you'll need such as use of One Shot Urethanes and HOK urethanes, thinning the paint, brush selection and trimming, how and when to to use fine line tape, how to pallet the brush, mixing of colors, use of wax and grease remover, hand and finger positions, correcting mistakes, breathing techniques, how to produce steady straight lines along with rotating the brush in curves and much more.

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