Artool Viking FX Stencils by Craig Fraser - New!

Artool Viking FX Stencils by Craig Fraser - <font color="blue"> New! </font>
Composed from imagery of the Icelandic culture, Viking FX is made up of four stencils: Runes (FH VKFX 1), Vahalia (FH VKFX 2), berserker (FH VKFX 3), Draugar (FH VKFX4), The Complete Set (FH VKFX 5), and the Viking FX Mini Series (FH VKFXMS 5). These stencils are ideal for your Heavy Metal style murals, illustrations and customizations.

“Direct from the land of fire and ice…some new bits of plastic to help satisfy your inner Viking!” ---Craig Fraser

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
Artool RUNES FH VKFX 1 Viking FX Stencil$28.00$21.00
Artool VAHALLA FH VKFX 2 Viking FX Stencil$28.00$21.00
Artool BERSERKER FH VKFX 3 Viking FX Stencil$28.00$21.00
Artool DRAUGAR FH VKFX 4 Viking FX Stencil$28.00$21.00
Artool SET OF 4 - FH VKFX 5 Viking FX Stencil Set$109.75$82.31
Artool MINI SET OF 4 - FH VKFX MS 5 Viking FX Stencil Set$35.25$26.44

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