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Artool Sailor Girlies Stencils by Deborah Mayhan

Artool Sailor Girlies Stencils by Deborah Mayhan

Welcome to Deborah Mahan’s Sailor Girlies® pin-up stencil set, it is the latest edition of Girlie Girls from Artool®. With the huge appeal of tattoos today, I thought it time to do a pin-up set styled after the “old skool” style Sailor Jerry tats. This style has always been one of my favorites, I was first introduce to them by my Uncle Joe, who was in the Navy, and had a Sailor Jerry hula girl on his arm. Norman Keith “Sailor Jerry” was the originator of these tattoos, and my Uncle had it done in Honolulu, Hawaii, by him. Norman’s style changed the look of the American tattoo with his Japanese influence, by creating motifs, instead of the usual hodge podge of unrelated images.

This set has 4 pieces that, like the other pin-up girlie stencils, can be mixed and matched to create several different combinations.


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