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Badger Patriot Xtreme 105 Airbrush

by Badger
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So what’s new and different about the Xtreme Patriot 105? The easier question is besides its being a dual action, internal mix, gravity feed airbrush – what isn’t new? Nonetheless here are some details on the new Xtreme Patriot 105 airbrush:

~ New High Roller Trigger design that is .25” taller than other airbrush triggers. This design allows much less effort in the movement of the trigger, and much greater response as the artist “rolls” the trigger rather than pulling it.

~ New Accuracote finish technology gives the airbrush a slique gun metal look. We call it Dark Ice. But more importantly its Teflon-like characteristics make it much easier to clean – especially down in the airbrush’s color cup.

~ New Precision Air Control (PAC) dial allows the artists to reduce and increase the air flow to the airbrush nozzle causing a moderation in the airbrush’s atomization to produce tight crisp spray patterns or, often desired, “erratic” spatter and scatter dot patterns.

~ The Xtreme Patriot has quick-pick Torpedo Tip nozzle design making it simpler than ever for artists to access the needle/paint tip point to remove tip dry – if it ever even occurs, and that’s a big if!