Createx Airbrush Colors - Pearlescent Colors

Createx Airbrush Colors - Pearlescent Colors
Pearlescent Colors are vibrant, transparent colors shimmering with pearl powder. Iridescent Colors are similar to Pearlized Colors but with an added hue shift apparent on contours and angles of light.

Apply darker Pearlescent & Iridescent Colors over a black base such as Createx Opaque Black or AutoBorne Sealer Black and lighter colors over Createx Opaque White or AutoBorne Sealer White.

To assist flow and atomization, Pearlized & Iridescent Colors may be thinned with 5601 Transparent Base or 4012 High Performance Reducer. Add 4030 Mix Additive to Createx Airbrush Colors for improved spray performance and adhesion on plastic, vinyl and application onto hard-surfaces.

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
2oz Createx Color 5301 - Pearl Purple$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5301 - Pearl Purple$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5302 - Pearl Magenta$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5302 - Pearl Magenta$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5303 - Pearl Turquoise$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5303 - Pearl Turquoise$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5304 - Pearl Blue$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5304 - Pearl Blue$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5305 - Pearl Green$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5305 - Pearl Green$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5306 - Pearl Copper$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5306 - Pearl Copper$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5307 - Pearl Satin Gold$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5307 - Pearl Satin Gold$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5308 - Pearl Silver$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5308 - Pearl Silver$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5309 - Pearl Red$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5309 - Pearl Red$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5310 - Pearl White$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5310 - Pearl White$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5311 - Pearl Pineapple$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5311 - Pearl Pineapple$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5312 - Pearl Tangerine$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5312 - Pearl Tangerine$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5313 - Pearl Lime$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5313 - Pearl Lime$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5314 - Pearl Plum$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5314 - Pearl Plum$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5315 - Pearl Black$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5315 - Pearl Black$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5316 - Pearl Platinum$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5316 - Pearl Platinum$7.34$5.43
2oz Createx Color 5317 - Pearl Lime Ice$4.72$3.49
4oz Createx Color 5317 - Pearl Lime Ice$7.34$5.43

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