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Iwata Revolution HP-BCR Siphon Feed Dual Action Airbrush w/ Iwata Airbrush Hose R2001

Original price $175.00 - Original price $175.00
Original price $175.00
$194.00 - $194.00
Current price $194.00
Iwata Revolution Series airbrushes deliver soft, effortless coverage and quality atomization at low air pressures making them a great choice for general purpose spraying. 

Exclusive to Revolution Series, HP-BCR Siphon Feed Dual Action airbrush features a unique, comfort handle. One of the benefits of siphon feed airbrushes is the ability to use multiple bottles that can hold larger volumes of spray material, as compared to gravity feed airbrushes. Iwata Revolution HP-BCR Siphon Feed Dual Action airbrush includes a 1 oz bottle. Additional bottles may be purchased and prefilled with your favorite colors. (Sold separately).

Iwata's spring-steel needle resists breakage and our needle packings are solvent resistant for longevity. We include an Iwata nozzle spanner that may be used to remove the nozzle for cleaning and Iwata Lube, which lubricates the needle and main lever mechanism. Set includes Iwata Airbrush Hose.