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Iwata & Millionaire Dollar Tan - Home Tanning Set

by Iwata
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Start tanning at home and save money right away! If you are looking for a professional spray tan without leaving home this is the perfect set for you.

Set Includes:
Neo for Iwata BCN Bottle-Feed Airbrush
The NEO Series are versatile, value-priced airbrushes that can be used with a variety of different paints and mediums. Plus, they're easy to use and easy to clean.

Iwata designed the NEO Series airbrushes to perform well at lower air pressures when used with smaller air compressors.
-Nozzle Size: .5mm
-Double Action Airbrush
-Includes 1oz "Big Mouth" Plastic Bottle

Iwata Sprint Jet Compressor
Instantly Powerful: The Sprint Jet compressor proves ideal for the occasional and professional artist doing general airbrush applications. It's powerful, compact, reliable and quiet.
-Maximum Pressure: 40 PSI
-Air Flow @ 20 PSI: .64 cfm
-Horsepower: 1/8 hp
-Noise Level: 50 db
-Hours of Service: 5,000
-Weight: 8.4 lbs
-12 month manufacture warranty.

8oz of Tan Icon
This is what made Million Dollar Tan famous. Tan Icon is our spray tanning solution that works on all skin types and can be applied as little or as much as you like, depending on how tan your client wants to be.

Why Tan Icon is the best solution on the market: Smells great. Light coconut scent, no chemical-ly odors.

Instant color. You can see the color as it is applied and the color is even better after you shower.

Long lasting. Lasts 6-12 days. MDT lasts longer than any other sunless tanner because of the high-end ingredients. It attaches to your outer layer of skin and only comes off when your outer layer of skin exfoliates.

Great natural color. The perfect combination of browns and reds make this sunless tanning solution very natural looking. We use the highest % of DHA possible to look natural and have a strong tan that lasts.

Dries Quickly. Within 5 minutes, you are completely dry and able to put clothes on.

Isn’t sticky. You won’t feel sticky the day of your spray tan, or anytime. Our solution is a water base so once it dries, you can go about your day like usual.

Doesn’t rub off. Tan Icon is a concentrated product and not watered down with unnecessary additives. The day of your spray tanning session, the tanning solution may rub off on your clothes or sheets but will wash out completely. After your first shower, your spray tan is in tact! It will last as long as it takes for your skin to naturally exfoliate. Many low quality sunless tanning products will rub off throughout your tan, not MDT, no way!

Totally safe! You probably know this but MDT is totally safe. No harmful UV rays, no bulbs, no burns. Tan Icon is totally safe to use on everyone!

Million Dollar Tan DVD
Million Dollar Tan CEO, Lindsay Dickhout, teaches you everything you need to know about spray tanning in this DVD. See 3 full demo tanning sessions to really understand the process and learn the methods that we have learned work best.

Tanning Essentials Kit
Includes: 4oz Cabana Tan Sunless Cream, Body Buffer, Pre-Tan Scrub and Tan Icon Pump Spray.