Flame O Rama 2 Airbrush Stencils by Craig Fraser

Flame O Rama 2 Airbrush Stencils by Craig Fraser
“The kewl thing about the new Flame-O-Rama 2® is the same kewl thing as with the original: “What you see, is what you get.” Every airbrusher loves stencils that can be personalized with a little Freehand® technique. With Flame-O-Rama 2® it is pretty much point and shoot, and call it a day! Whether you use them for primary design layouts, stenciled backgrounds, or ghosted graphics, these stencils are guaranteed to be 100% flames, 100% of the time. What can I say? Y’all wanted some more flames… well you got ‘em! Where else can you find this many kewl stencils in one location, without a single skull...??” As always, Peace, love, and Isocyanates.

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Flame-O-Rama 2 - Classico Artool Stencil FHFOR7$28.00$21.00
Van Flamin FH-FOR6 Artool Stencil$24.75$18.56
Fire Balz Artool Stencil$24.75$18.56
Flame-O-Rama 2 - Flamgasm Artool Stencil FHFOR9$28.00$21.00
Flame-O-Rama Spot Artool Stencil$24.75$18.56
Gothika FH-FOR10 Artool Stencil$28.00$21.00
Flame O Rama 2 Airbrush Stencils by Craig Fraser - Complete Set of 6!$163.75$122.81
Artool Flame-O-Rama 2 Mini Series FH FOR2 MS$46.75$35.06

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