Grex Compressors

The ingenious people of Grex have built an line of intelligently designed and well built portable airbrush compressors at affordable prices.

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Grex Compressor Specifications:

MODEL Horsepower Air Pressure Flow Tank Size Wieght Automatic Shut-Off
Grex AC1810 1/8HP 1-35 psi .7 cfm N/A 5.9 lbs Yes
Aeris I 1/10HP 1-13 psi .37 cfm N/A 2.9 lbs No

Grex AC1810-A - 1/8 HP Airbrush Compressor
Regular price: $239.80
Sale price: $199.00
Grex Aeris I - Compact Airbrush Compressor Model AE1-A
Regular price: $198.00
Sale price: $151.00
Grex AC1810-B - 1/8 HP Airbrush Piston Compressor 220V (European Voltage)
Regular price: $259.60
Sale price: $209.00
Grex Aeris I - Compact Airbrush Compressor Model I-B (220V)
Regular price: $219.00
Sale price: $160.00
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