Harder Steenbeck Needles

Harder Steenbeck Needles
Harder Steenbeck needles are made to exacting standards. The long taper design allows for better flow control.

The 0.15mm - 0.6mm needles are for various Harder Steenbeck airbrushes. 0.2mm - 1.2mm Colani needles are for the Harder Steenbeck Colani aibrush only.

The needle size you select needs to match the nozzle and air cap that the airbrush is equipped with! To change the needle size of your airbrush refer to Harder Steenbeack Nozzle Sets.

Because its thin stature .15mm needle is fragile. Handle with care!

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
Harder Steenbeck .15mm Needle V2 for EVOLUTION, GRAFO & INFINITY -127920$15.91$14.32
.2mm Needle V2 for Harder Steenbeck EVOLUTION, GRAFO, FOCUS, ULTRA & INFINITY - 123730 $15.06$13.55
.4mm Needle for Harder Steenbeck EVOLUTION, GRAFO, FOCUS, ULTRA & INFINITY - 123740$15.06$13.55
.6mm Needle for Harder Steenbeck Infinity, Grafo and Ultra - 123750$15.06$13.55
HARDER STEENBECK Needle 0.2mm for COLANI - 124700$15.06$13.55
HARDER STEENBECK Needle 0.4mm for COLANI - 124710$15.06$13.55
HARDER STEENBECK Needle 0.6mm for COLANI - 124720$15.06$13.55
HARDER STEENBECK Needle 0.8mm for COLANI - 124730$15.06$13.55
HARDER STEENBECK Needle 1.0mm for COLANI - 124740$15.06$13.55
HARDER STEENBECK Needle 1.2mm for COLANI $15.06$13.55

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