Iwata High Performance HP-C Plus Airbrush Model H4001

Iwata High Performance HP-C Plus Airbrush Model H4001
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Product Description

Iwata High Performance HP-C Plus Airbrush Model H4001
Iwata HP-C Plus Airbrush
Model H4001
5 Year Limited Warranty!

An updated version of the classic HP-C version which has the most popular gravity-feed airbrush of its time; Iwata has add some very usefull feature to the airbrush renowned as the "professional's workhorse" in High Performance Plus Series.

Inspired new features of the HP-C Plus include:

· Dual-purpose, cutaway ands pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise control of paint flow.

· Solvent-proof needle packing for automotive or other solvent-based paints.

· Larger threads on the nozzle that offer a more secure fit and better centering of the nozzle.

· Redesigned tapered gravity-feed cups that ensure easy clean up and more efficient paint flow.

· Single-piece auxiliary lever/needle-chucking guide that provides easy assembly.

Legacy features:

· Larger sized 1/3 oz. (9 ml) gravity-feed cup.

· The 0.3mm nozzle allows for use with all airbrush ready fluids.

· Provides a variety of spray patterns from fine lines to finely atomized background spray to stippling effects.

· The gravity-feed cup is useful for mixing custom colors and allows for quick color changes.

· A short paint passageway from cup to nozzle, gives a responsive feel making it one of the quickest airbrushes in the industry.

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