Cutting Tools, Knives and Blades

We stock a full selection of cutting tools to suit just about any project you have in mind.

No matter what your needs are, Excel Blades has you covered. Extremely sharp blades!


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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
Excel K1 Knife with Safety Cap$3.27$2.78
Excel K2 Knife with Safety Cap$4.42$3.76
Excel K4 Craft Swivel Knife$7.21$6.13
Excel Deluxe Retractable Knife with Clip$14.67$12.47
Excel Light Duty Utility Knife$1.91$1.62
Mask Master Frisket Cutter$35.18$29.90
Olfa Touch-KnifeColor :
Excel Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 100$13.39$11.38
Excel No. 11 Knive Steel Blade - 15 Pack Dispenser$8.80$7.48
Excel No. 11 Blade - 100 Pack$34.48$29.31
Excel No. 11 Knife Art Blade - 5 Pack$2.52$2.14
Excel No. 2 Knife Blade - 5 Pack$2.86$2.43
Excel Retractable Knife Blade - 2 Pack$4.74$4.03
Excel Swivel Knife Blade - 2 Pack$3.55$3.02
X-ACTO No. 11 Knive Steel Blade - 100 Pack$33.00$28.05

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