Kustom Effects 3 Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser

Kustom Effects 3 Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser
"FX3 is here! From the mind of Craig Fraser, and the work-release program of the criminally insane at ArtoolŪ, we have done it again: another 6 stencils with a virtual plethora of goodies to sate the twisted minds of the most normalcy challenged kustom painter. (I like that. I will have to use it in print sometime.) With this industry getting more and more crowded with kustom painters, as well as templates, we figured you wanted a few new ones to play with."

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Glyphs, Artool FH-FX3 15 by Craig Fraser$28.00$21.00
The Web, Artool FH-FX 17 Stencil by Craig Fraser$28.00$21.00
Barby, Artool FH FX3 20 Stencil by Craig Fraser$28.00$21.00
Musika, Artool FH FX3 19 Stencil by Craig Fraser$28.00$21.00
Blades, Artool FH FX3 18 Stencil by Craig Fraser$28.00$21.00
Unchained, Artool FH FX3 16 Stencil by Craig Fraser$28.00$21.00
Kustom FX 3 Complete Set of 6 Templates by Craig Fraser$158.25$118.69
Artool Kustom FX 3 Mini Set of 6 Stencils$46.75$35.06

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