Kustom FX II - Freehand Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser

Kustom FX II - Freehand Airbrush Templates by Craig Fraser
"For all the "Effects" junkies out there... this one's for you. Six custom templates designed to create all the newest, hip effects. Made of solvent-proof, space-age polymer, the FXII series from Craig Fraser is the sequel to the popular, original Kustom FX line. These cool, hip stencil effects can't be found anywhere else and give you some cutting-edge, ultra-unique looks."

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Nutz N' Bolts, Artool FXII-9 Stencil by Craig Fraser$24.75$18.56
GearHead, Artool FXII-10 Stencil by Craig Fraser$26.14$18.56
Dolla' Bill, Artool FXII-11 Stencil by Craig Fraser$24.75$18.56
Dragon Skin, Artool FXII 12 Stencil by Craig Fraser$26.14$19.60
The Blob, Artool FXII 13 Stencil by Craig Fraser$24.75$18.56
Puzzeled, Artool FXII 8 Stencil by Craig Fraser$24.75$18.56
KUSTOM FX II Complete Set of 6 Templates by Craig Fraser$140.00$105.00
Kustom FXII Mini Set of 6 Stencils$41.25$30.94

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