Mehron Face & Body Painting Paint

Mehron Face & Body Painting Paint
Face & Body Painting Makeup. Extreme Beauty Makeup.

Mehron has great family of makeup lines including Mehron Liquid Make-Up, Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ and Mehron LUX Airbrush Makeup. These makeup lines are professional quality and used in many industries including television, film and theater for face, body and hair etc. Yet, they a priced low enough for everyday consumers.

This company has been inventing and manufacturing makeup since 1927. All Mehron products are made from quality non-toxic FDA approved ingredients. We recommend Mehron to anyone seeking a reliable highly pigmented makeup for body painting, face painting, extreme beauty, clowning, theater, Halloween, special fx and more.

Mehron Liquid Makeup - Ready to apply makeup in a smooth liquid format. Reduce with water to spray through airbrush.

Mehron Lux Airbrush Makeup - Properly thinned for the airbrush. Ready to be spray strait from the bottle.

Mehron Paradise AQ Makeup - Water activated makeup cakes.

Mehron Fantasy FX Makeup - Ready to apply liquid makeup in a squeeze bottle.

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