Paasche Bottles

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
Paasche 2oz Plastic Airbrush Bottle Assembly$4.95$2.97
Paasche 4oz Plastic Airbrush Bottle Assembly$4.95$2.97
Paasche 1/4 oz. Metal Color Cup $6.05$3.63
Paasche Color Cup Cover HVL-1/4$1.95$1.17
Paasche 1/2 oz Glass Bottle $6.60$3.96
Paasche 1oz Glass Bottle $6.60$3.96
Paasche 2oz Metal Bottle $18.50$11.10
Paasche 3oz Glass Bottle $6.80$4.08
Paasche 3oz Plastic Bottle$6.30$3.78
Paasche 8oz Plastic Bottle$7.50$4.50
Paasche 1 oz Cover Assembly$5.05$3.03
Paasche 3 oz Cover Assembly$5.05$3.03
Paasche 3oz Cover Assembly$5.05$3.03
Paasche VLS 1oz Bottle$7.50$4.50
Paasche VLS 3oz Bottle$7.50$4.50
Paasche VLS 2oz Metal Bottle$20.10$12.06
Paasche VLS 8oz Plastic Bottle$8.50$5.10
Paasche VLS 3oz Nylon Cover & Metal Tube Bottle $7.50$4.50
Paasche VLS 1 oz Bottle Cover Assembly $5.95$3.57
Paasche VLS 3 oz Bottle Cover Assembly$5.95$3.57
1/4oz Paasche H Metal Cup$6.05$3.63
I/2 oz Paasche H Bottle$6.60$3.96
1oz Paasche H Bottle$6.60$3.96
Paasche H-2-OZ Metal Bottle 2oz$18.50$11.10
3oz Paasche H Glass Bottle$6.80$4.08
Paasche HS 1oz Bottle$7.50$4.50
Paasche HS 3oz Bottle$7.50$4.50
Paasche HPS 3oz Plastic Bottle$6.95$4.17
HPS3 3OZ Cover Assembly$5.95$3.57
1 oz. Cover Assembly for Paasche H airbrushes $5.05$3.03
Paasche Model: 43SCJ - 3 oz siphon container $13.75$8.25
3oz Paasche Palin lid Jar Model: H-193$3.00$1.80
1oz Paasche Palin lid Jar Model: H-194$2.95$1.77
Plastic 3 oz. Bottle (Fits Paasche 62 Sprayers)$1.80$1.08
Paasche Model: 3-JG Gasket (3 oz.) (Pack of 6) $4.95$2.97
Paasche Model: 5-G Gasket (1 oz.) (Pack of 6) $4.95$2.97
Paasche Model: BPC Black Nylon Cover (3 oz.) $0.85$0.51
Paasche Model: H-108 3 oz. Glass Bottle (no lid) $1.80$1.08
Paasche Model: H-164 1/2 oz. Bottle (no lid)$1.60$0.96
Paasche H-165 1/2 oz. Plain Cover with Gasket $0.85$0.51
Paasche H-190 3 oz. Plain Cover L/Gasket $0.85$0.51
Paasche H-191 1 oz. Plain Cover L/Gasket $0.85$0.51
Paasche Model: 200-1/2P Bottle$21.50$12.90
Paasche Model: ALP-32 Pressure Color Cup for FP-1/32 Inch $19.50$11.70
Paasche Model: 200-1/2S, 1/2 Pt. (8oz) Siphon Cup Assembly$16.50$9.90

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