Paasche Flow Pencil Parts

Paasche Flow Pencil Parts
The FP-4P Flow Pencil is used extensively by Cake Artists, Bakers, and Home Bakers to decorate their Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies,etc. The Flow Pencil is easy to control and operate.

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ItemOptionsPriceSale PriceQty
MU-9 Tip Nut for Paasche$3.00$2.55
Paasche LN-1/16 Nib for Flow Pencil$5.30$4.51
Paasche LN-3/64 Nib for Flow Pencil$5.30$4.51
Paasche LN-1/32 Nib for Flow Pencil$5.30$4.51
Paasche LN-1/64 Nib for Flow Pencil$5.30$4.51
Paasche MU-612 PTFE Packing & Packing Nut$5.50$4.68
Paasche MU-65 Finger Lever Assembly$5.95$5.06
Paasche MU-57 Needle Chuck $5.95$5.06
Paasche MU-25 Rod & Cap Assembly$7.90$6.72
Paasche FP-5 Cover (only) $6.00$5.10
Paasche MU-26 Spring $3.90$3.32
Paasche FP-6 Cup (only) Aluminum$6.50$5.53
Paasche AE-43 O Ring (Rubber)$2.00$1.70
Paasche VL-140 - Spring for VL Airbrush$2.70$2.30
Paasche VL-141 - Needle Locknut for VL Airbrush$4.25$3.61

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