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  • Airbrush Paint Buyers Guide

    Airbrush Paint Buyers Guide

    Any paint, ink or dye with the proper viscosity should flow nicely through the airbrush.  An airbrush user has the option to use a fluid paint and add an appropriate additive until it atomizes correctly or to use a premixed...

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  • Compressor Buyers Guide

    Compressor Buyers Guide

    If you plan using your airbrush regularly, most likely you will want to invest in an airbrush compressor… Airbrush Compressors are the most common air source for airbrush users. If you plan to continue using your airbrush most likely you will...

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  • Airbrush Buyer's Guide

    Airbrush Buyer's Guide

    The airbrush is a tool that provides artists and artisans with enormous advantages and convenience. From illustrators performing at the highest level of realism, to make-up artists creating HD ready seamless applications, to T-shirt artists rapidly producing of eye-popping custom...

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  • Airbrush Compressor vs Construction Compressor
    May 15, 2024 Midwest-Airbrush-Supply-Co. Admin

    Airbrush Compressor vs Construction Compressor

    For airbrushing, it's generally better to use a dedicated airbrush compressor rather than a construction compressor. Here's why: Size and Portability: Airbrush compressors are typically smaller and more portable compared to construction compressors, which tend to be larger and heavier....

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  • New! Paasache Cerakote crossover
    February 16, 2024 Midwest-Airbrush-Supply-Co. Admin

    New! Paasache Cerakote crossover

     The Paasche MIL now comes with a Cerakote finish. Cerakote coatings are durable and provide unparalleled levels of hardness and adhesion. These coatings are also resistant to most solvents and chemicals. The MIL will only be available with finish but...

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