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  • Airbrush Paint Buyers Guide

    Airbrush Paint Buyers Guide

    Any paint, ink or dye with the proper viscosity should flow nicely through the airbrush.  An airbrush user has the option to use a fluid paint and add an appropriate additive until it atomizes correctly or to use a premixed...

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  • Compressor Buyers Guide

    Compressor Buyers Guide

    If you plan using your airbrush regularly, most likely you will want to invest in an airbrush compressor… Airbrush Compressors are the most common air source for airbrush users. If you plan to continue using your airbrush most likely you will...

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  • Airbrush Buyer's Guide

    Airbrush Buyer's Guide

    The airbrush is a tool that provides artists and artisans with enormous advantages and convenience. From illustrators performing at the highest level of realism, to make-up artists creating HD ready seamless applications, to T-shirt artists rapidly producing of eye-popping custom...

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  • The Pinstriping Workshop is Back!
    August 2, 2023 Midwest-Airbrush-Supply-Co. Admin

    The Pinstriping Workshop is Back!

    Are you ready to take your pinstriping skills to the next level? Well, get ready because Jerry Chinga, the renowned pinstriping expert, is back with another exciting workshop!!  What can you expect from Jerry Chinga's workshop? During this workshop, Jerry...

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  • SharpenAirs are Back!
    June 22, 2023 Midwest-Airbrush-Supply-Co. Admin

    SharpenAirs are Back!

    After few months of production delays, SharpenAir needle sharpeners, the first and only hand-held device that is designed specifically for repairing bent and damaged airbrush fluid needles, are back!

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  • New and Improved Iwata Smart Jet!
    June 22, 2023 Midwest-Airbrush-Supply-Co. Admin

    New and Improved Iwata Smart Jet!

    The fully adjustable air regulator is controlled with the regulator knob and the gauge displays precise air pressure (Note: on older models the auto shut off functionality will be bypassed when using the bleed valve). The Smart Jet has an...

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