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2oz Createx 4030 Intercoat Clear

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For use with all Createx. A non-catalyzed,
polyurethane, water-based clear. Works as both a protective
inter-coat and a balancing clear directly added to paint for
improved hard surface performance. Mix 4030 Intercoat 10% or more
with Illustration Colors for automotive transparent colors.
Leveling and flow on non-porous surfaces is greatly increased.
Illustration Colors dry hard and durable quickly when mixed with
4030; not for use with soft erasing techniques. 4030 is not a
reducer to Illustration Colors as it is high viscosity and does not
thin paint. For paint reduction along with 4030, use 4012 or 4020
Reducers. Illustration Colors mixed with 4030 Intercoat and reduced
with 4020 Automotive Reducer is a premium, very high performance
automotive transparent color. 4030 Intercoat appears milky in
solution and dries to a clear, hard film perfect for taping on
during graphics. Although Illustration Colors have excellent
adhesion after drying, taping over 4030 Intercoat is recommended
during graphics as tape lays down flat against it preventing
under-spray which can happen when tapping Illustration Colors
direct. 4030 serves as an adhesion promoter when mixed to paint.
Illustration Colors will adhere to plastics, vinyl and most any
hard to paint surface.