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AB-116B Gravity-Feed Economy Airbrush with Pistol Style Trigger, Micro Air Valve and Interchangeable Cups

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-It's a great all-purpose airbrush kit for beginners and students, as well as for advanced artists since it works excellent for most airbrushing applications and also with most types of paint spray media. It's ideal for hobbies, crafts, auto graphics, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, fine art, nail art and more!

- Easy to operate to meet the needs of enthusiasts. Easy fluid refills and easy cleaning.

- The gravity-feed cup is useful for mixing custom colors and allows for quick color changes. Gravity-feed airbrushes perform well at lower air pressures, which help create greater detail.

-Buy with confidence, if you're not satisfied with this airbrush at anytime within the first year of purchase, we'll provide a refund or replacement. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your questions in time.

-Feed Type: Gravity
-Nozzle Dia: 0.5mm -Cup Capacity: 2CC&5CC&13CC
-Working Pressure: 15-50PSI
-Single-action Trigger Air-paint Control
-This professional airbrush is widely used in model making, cake decorating, tattoos, nail art, etc. Perfect for artwork, nail art beauty, body art, design painting, model painting, cake decoration, craft, models and fine art such as car painting illustration, textile and t-shirt painting.

◆ Pro Single-action gravity feed airbrush kit for hobby paint craft.
◆ Airbrush for model making, cake decorations, draw the outline of camouflage, tattoos, nail art, etc.
◆ The spray and atomization effect is good.
◆ Widely used by the general model enthusiasts.
◆ Exquisite atomization and fine lines with this airbrush.
◆ It won't produce off color when coloring something.

How to spray
1. Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately.
2. Hold the airbrush lightly in your hand.
3. By pressing the main lever, a stream of air emerges. Then draw it backward for color atomization.
4. The spray pattern is in accordance tith the distance between a work surface and a airbrush.
5. For fine line spray, remove the needle cover and hold the air brush near a work surface.

◆ Empty the fluid cup and wash with water or solvent by a brush.
◆ Refill cup with water or solvent, then block the needle cover with a finger and spray.
◆ The air flows backward into nozzle to clean the paints remained the airbrush.

Package List
1 * 0.5mm Airbrush with 0.5mm needle
1 * Nozzle Wrench
1 * 1/15 oz Cup
1 * 1/6 oz Cup
1 * 4/9 oz Cup
1 * Push-in connector
1 * Transfer Interface
1 * Storage Case