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135th anniversary of the „Air Brush“

Since the invention of the airbrush technique, its followers have been being very talented to reinvent themselves even in hard times: From photo retouching through commercial illustration and automotive painting to fine art, cake decoration and make up – the airbrush technique has yet survived a number of ups and downs.

Also in the passed few months, there have been some historical incidences: With Harder & Steenbeck and Sparmax, the Iwata company has acquired two of the world’s most important airbrush brands. After decades, the German paper mill Hahnemühle has stopped producing its popular airbrush paper. Also the continuation of the American airbrush magazine „Airbrush Action“ seems currently to be uncertain. Not forgetting, that the airbrush community has recently and very surprisingly lost two great airbrush artists who had also contributed to Airbrush Step by Step magazine: The Dutch artist Jeroen van Nijhoff and US artist Steve Driscoll. Rest in peace, guys.

However, this issue shows some great examples, how young creative people, are eager to develop the art of airbrushing and to brave even bad conditions: Despite their internal turbulences the Sparmax company has again encouraged and inspired hundreds of airbrush artists to create some spectacular artworks for their international airbrush contest. In this issue, we are introducing the 13 winners. Airbrushing finds its place all over the world. This will be shown by Yady Liem and Steek. Yady is a custom painter from Indonesia and easily keeps pace with the popular pros of the industry. Steek aka Benoit Botalla brought back the World Bodypainting Award even twice to the small Caribbean island of Gouadeloupe. Another airbrush story of success is currently starting in the US with the Airbrush Art Circus event: The annual workshop event is gathering the most popular and professional artists of the industry and develops to become the new airbrush mega event.

By the way: On October 6, 2018, the airbrushing community all over the world is celebrating the 135th anniversary of the airbrush technique on „Airbrush Artist Day“. In detail: On October 6, 1883, the name „Air Brush“ has been documented for the very first time related to the production of correspondent products. Unfortunately, the former American president Abraham Lincoln which was portrayed by Erik Velthuis has not lived to see this day and this new field of art. It’s even more fascinating that Erik is able to bring him back to life by this means.

As you can see: Despite of all backlashes, there are a lot of reasons to celebrate within the airbrush world. Join in on October 6 and post your activities on the event’s Facebook page at!

We wish you a happy Airbrush Artist Day 2008 and lots of fun with this new issue!

The ASBS Team

Content Step by Steps

Iron Tribal Eagle – Automotive Painting

Automotive Painting from Indonesia at its best: The artist Yady Liem is show his work on a rusty Yamaha bike tank from prep to clear.

Abraham Lincoln – Portrait

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most popular presidents in US history. The Dutch artist Erik Velthuis is bringing this historical person back to the present day.

Sea Turtle – Pouring Illustration

The blue background made of poured paint hardly did’nt leave another choice to ASBS editor Roger Hassler than creating an underwater scenery.

Tattoo Pin-up – Pin-up Portrait

Her green hair and colorful tattoos are catching the eye immediately. Jose Luis Parada Caballero was inspirated by the unusual look of the model.

Basics: Airbrush paints

An important component when airbrushing is deciding on the paint you’re going to use. We supply you with an overview of types and applications.


Sparmax Airbrush Contest 2018

4 categories – 13 happy winners 13 artists stood up to more than 600 participants from 30 countries. Let’s take a look at the winners and their artworks.


The Art of Guadeloupe

Interview with Steek, World Bodypainting Champion 2017 and 2018 He made it twice. The bodypainting champion 2017 and 2018 comes from the small Caribbean island of Guadeloupe: Steek aka Benoit Bottala.


Airbrush Art Circus and a surprising joint venture