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What could be better than starting the summer with an animal issue? Nature is blooming and the sun invites each and every creature to romp around outside. The great egret painted by Italian artist Silvia Belviso is literally waiting for the sunrise. The lovely motif was designed on the basis of Dru Blair’s Color Buffer theory. The red fox, which the Belgian Ma th  Delaunoy has airbrushed onto a VW Caddy, also curiously pricks up its ears in front of plant seeds flying around in the background.

Elzbieta Osinska’s horse portrait „Dream“ shows horse and rider united on a summer-colored pouring background. The power, wilderness and unpredictability of animals is what is featured in the art of Daniel Sullivan and Lubos Pirek: Daniel’s piece „Fire-Breather“ is showing a bear gone wild within a flaming inferno of his forest. The American artist used the fire design techniques of „True Fire“ legend Mike Lavallee. Czech custom painter Lubos Pirek chose the movie hero King Kong as main character for his motorcycle project, along with an unusual lava design and special paint effects.

Getting back to the summer topic, famous US T-Shirt artistMark Rush is giving an insight into his amazing career from the business-minded little school boy to becoming the owner of “Big Airbrush” chain stores. Does that whet your appetite for a vacation? Then you also have to read the interview with Swiss Philipp Klopfenstein. He is painting one of a kind suitcases that you’re sure to recognize at the baggage claim. So, a colorful and lively issue, right?

News Airbrushes: Richpen MOJO+

Paints: Createx Wicked Paints, Liquid Charcoal by Schmincke

Accessories: Trigger Happy Eclipse Head Wrench, Edge Master, Blair Skin 5 Stencil, Da Vinci 3D Brush Sets

Digital: Huion Kamvas Pro 24

Step by Steps Walking in the light – Bird illustration with Color Buffer method

Italian artist Silvia Belviso has put a great egret on canvas with soft colors.

Red Fox – Animal design for VW Caddy

Belgian artist Maïthé Delaunoy works 100% with airbrush – no erasing, no brush, hardly any masking.

Dream – Enchanting horse portrait

Polish artist Elzbieta Osinska’s horse portrait is based on a pouring oil mixing technique with texture effects.

Fire Breather – Fiery bear illustration

American Daniel Sullivan uses the techniques of well-known „True Fire“ artist Mike Lavallee for the flames.

Lava Bike – King Kong motorcycle

Czech custom painter Lubos Pirek creates King Kong chained to a glowing Suzuki logo among hot lava and bursting rock.

Series Drawing for Airbrush Artists 101 – Part 3: Eagles and feathers

Being able to depict an eagle without a template, is especially helpful with automotive painting assignments featuring this very popular motif.

Interview Ego Art – The T-shirt success story of Mark Rush

Inspired by Ed „Big Daddy“ Roth, Mark Rush started selling airbrush T-shirts in high school. Today, he runs several airbrush T-shirt stores in Florida under the name „Big Airbrush.“