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"What is your lifestyle?

Are you an enthusiastic biker and motorcycle freak? Or are you more the beach and surfing guy? Maybe your heart beats for fashion and fancy clothes, are you a music or cinema fan or rather a nature and animal lover? One thing is for sure: you are an artist and airbrushing enthusiast, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this magazine. But with your airbrush you are also at the forefront of many other lifestyle and hobby areas: painting motorcycles, of course, or, as in the case of our cover motif by American artist Steve Gibson, creating illustrations on the subject of bikes and vehicles.

As a surfer, you should think about embellishing your board. Spanish artist Arturo Verano shows how it’s done, using a skimboard as an example. On the way at the coasts of Florida, airbrush T-shirts as a souvenir from the beach vacation may not be missing: Airbrush artist and business man Pat Gaines reports on his career in the airbrush T-shirt business, which also began on the beaches of Florida, but is now at its peak around the Disney parks in Orlando. How to actual airbrush a T-shirt is demonstrated by Argentinian Cesar Deferrari: The effective tiger on a black shirt is the next step for airbrush beginners, so to speak, and gets its „icing on the cake“ still by a sophisticated background effect.

If it’s too hot for you in Florida, then perhaps the art of Norwegian Aiste Nau is something for you: Her favorite topic are auroras, which she paints in a wide variety of combinations and on many different backgrounds. When it comes to backgrounds, the Italian Claudio Mazzi has found his very own passion for 30 years, which he talks about in the interview: painting Zippo lighters as unique, serial and collector’s items. Modern collectibles, after all, are now often products and characters related to movies, television and computer games. The second edition of the airbrush and 3D printing contest of the online supplier Gambody has once again produced many unique figures here, which we also do not want to deprive you of.

So lifestyle has many faces – just like airbrush art, which can make a significant contribution to any lifestyle and make your lifestyle even more individual and unusual.

In this sense: Find your style!"

The ASBS Team

Content News
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Step by Steps
Solitude – Bike Portrait

Steve Gibson tells the story of his painting „Solitude,“ which he painted in grisaille technique during the Corona Pandemic. The custom Shovelhead bike is a tribute to legendary motorcycle builder „Indian Larry.“

Billy Eilish – Crazy portrait on skim board

As colorful and crazy as Billie Eilish herself, is also her portrait design on the skim board, created by Spanish artist Arturo Verano with comic elements and bright colors.

Tiger Shirt – Animal portrait on black t-shirt

Argentinian airbrush and t-shirt artist Cesar Deferrari designed a great and simple brightening effect for the background of his tiger portrait on black t-shirt.

Aurora borealis – Nordic landscapes

The beauties of her native country Norway play a recurring role in Aiste Nau’s work, especially the breathtaking wonder of the aurora borealis.


Zippo by Mazzi – The lighter art of Claudio Mazzi

Zippo brand lighters have been popular and sometimes high-end collectibles for decades – even more so when they feature a unique work of art by Claudio Mazzi.

Orlando Airbrush Business – Pat Gaines‘ T-shirt empire between Disney, beach and supermarket

For over 40 years, American airbrush artist and businessman Pat Gaines has operated the most successful airbrush stores in the world and has been a teacher, role model and career starter for many other airbrush artists.