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2022 will be THE year for movies! After many movie productions were on hold in the last two Covid years, the blockbusters are now lining up. But the lack of new productions did not prevent movie lovers from enjoying classic films from the past decades on DVD or via streaming during the pandemic. And so cinema heroes, movie posters and legendary scenes are always among the popular designs for airbrush artists. This is certainly where some readers‘ alarm bells are ringing – and rightly so! After all, commercial copying of movie designs and characters is one of the most dicey situations in terms of copyright. Here the responsibility lies with each individual. However, in the spirit of „fan art“, in which a good portion of one’s own creativity is involved in the work and which should above all serve the private pleasure of the creative film fan, cinema motifs are also quite acceptable.

The artists in this issue have taken on the really big blockbusters: Byron Lawrence manages to fit nine characters and symbols from the „Lord of the Rings“ trilogy on one helmet. Midas Bayle Villanueva takes on the ultimate villain, Batman’s Joker, and Angus Alcantara takes us back to the late 80s with his Terminator portrait. Movie heroes and other beauties can also be found in the art of Ivan Loperena who excels in the field of black and white photorealism. Spanish artist Alicia Rios Cuerva, however, is not into movie characters, but into one of the most popular movie sets: Hogwarts. She painted a 3D-printed model amazingly realistic.

Of course, fans and enthusiasts do not only exist in the movie world, but also in sports. In this respect, the ice hockey art of the Czech TomᚠKolajta also fits the title theme. And also local carnival traditions join their followers every year, as it is the case with the Colombian „Carnaval de Negros y Blancos“. The artist William Florez paints the characteristic colorful sculptures and floats for this occasion.

We hope that you will also be enthusiastic about something – maybe movies, sports, art…. but definitely airbrushing!

Have fun with the new issue!

The ASBS Team

News Airbrushes: Air Cobra

Paints: Createx’ new paints, Liquid Kicks Topcoats, Zero Paints, AK Intense / Neon Colors

Accessories: Dru Blair Biomechanical Sets

Digital: Xencelabs pen tablet, Elegoo Jupiter

Community: Orbituary Terry Hill, Eddie Harris

Step by Steps The Lord of the Rings – Helmet Design

Despite the small space and round shape, Californian artist Byron Lawrence has depicted a total of 9 characters and symbols from the famous movie trilogy on one helmet.

The Joker – Portrait

In large format, with tight details and rough outline, Filipino artist Midas Bayle Villanueva has impressively captured the vicious character of Batman’s antagonist.

Terminator T-800 – Cyborg portrait

Spanish artist Angus Alcantara has photorealistically brought the metallic cyborg to canvas with detailed chrome and metal effects.

Hogwarts – 3D model painting

Spanish artist Alicia Rios Cueva 3D-printed a model of the famous School of Witchcraft from the Harry Potter saga and then painted it amazingly realistic with the airbrush.

Interview Carnaval de Negros y Blancos – The quixotic art of William Florez

Young airbrush artist William Florez creates the characteristic colorful sculptures and floats of Colombia’s famous Carnaval de Negros y Blancos.

Ice cold airbrush business – TomᚠKolajta’s ice hockey masks

Czech TomᚠKolajta paints ice hockey masks and helmets for players in his hockey-loving home country – from amateurs to international professionals.

Crusader of Realism – The art of Ivan Loperena (Ivanhoe)

Ivan Loperena from Mexico is an artist, graphic designer and photographer. Unusual moments and perspectives as well as perfect image balance distinguish his black and white illustrations.