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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 02/23, No. 67
Release: December 15, 2022


Airbrushes: Giraldez Infinity, Iwata HP-TH2
Paints: Drop & Paint
Books: The Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta XXL
Digital: Gaomon PD 1610
Community: 2nd International Airbrush Seminar, SEMA 2022

Step by Steps

Airbrush on ground metal
Mexican-American artist Gerald Mendez shows a magical phoenix. He first ground the motif into an aluminum plate, which he then enhanced with candy colors, highlights and textures.

Breakfast with meerkat
Decorating a cutting board
Tanya Bentham from Hanover, Germany, airbrushed an observant meerkat onto the birch wood board using brush and etching techniques.

Frog on the toilet
Toilet lid design
In his artwork, Berlin artist René Becht has placed the tropical red-eyed tree frog "species-appropriate" in a warm and humid environment: On a toilet lid in the bathroom at home.

Relic Guitar
Guitar Aging
Why make an instrument older than it is? Dutch artist Erik Velthuis asked himself the same question before transforming a brand-new Fender jazz bass guitar into a rocked-out relic from 1965.

Interview / Making-Of

Sandi and JW Baker's Wildlife Business.
Nature, art and internet as a business model
Sandi and JW Baker from North Carolina, USA, love nature and wildlife. Together, they make a living by selling their artwork in all forms and channels. In this interview, they provide insights into their art and their everyday business.

The Airbrush Company: 75 years of Airbrush History
Did you know that the popular UK airbrush supply store The Airbrush Company actually didn’t start as a distributor , but being an airbrush manufacturer? Marketing Manager Lisa Munro is giving us an insight into today’s company as well as its history.