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Artool Tribal Master Stencil Set FH TRM 1 by Steve Vandemon

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CIRQUE DU TRIBLE’® shapes work perfectly for a myriad of background images. Whichever one of the TRIBLE’®; shapes you use, they are great for shading or for creating extremely intricate symmetrical themes. Here are a couple of HOT tips: ghosting effects are incredibly kewl when used with pearl finishes, and you can achieve some radically prominent effects when spraying opaque or metallic layers. Other uses include layout applications and creating designs you can easily cut out with an art knife.


Since all of the TRIBALNOMETRY® shapes are linear they can be either applied to long ‘n straight(er) areas, OR you can curve them around bike tanks, fenders and/or other irregularly shaped surfaces for masking out various tribal styles and create tribal bands to infinity! Plus, you’ll be able to concoct more symmetrical centerpieces with your TRIBAL MASTERS® than you’ll know what to do with!!!