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Auto-Air Series Sparklescent Colors - 4538 Fine Wine II

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Above: 4588 Fine Wine over base 4001
Below: 4588 Fine Wine over base 4002

Best used as a mid-coat color over a color keyed base color or tinted 4001 Sealer White. Sparklescent Colors are translucent and require on average 5 – 6 coats when applied over a white base.

Use as a mid-coat over a color-keyed base reduces the number of coats on average to 2 – 3 coats and allows each coat to be applied lighter which decreases curing time.

Extra coats of clear are required to bridge over pearl-flakes in Sparklescent Colors.

Bada Bling Silver™ is a very transparent silver which is great for blending and transitions. For use as a base color over large areas, mix 1:2 with 4332 Metallic Silver for improved coverage.

Mango™ is a very transparent orange and needs to be applied over a base of 4205 Flame Orange when painting large surfaces.

Intended for application with a spray gun or large tip-sized airbrush.

Spray-Gun: 1.2mm tip
Mini-Spray Gun: 1.0mm tip
Airbrush: 0.4mm or larger

Spray-gun: @ 10% per volume with 4011 Flash Reducer
Airbrush: @ 30% per volume or more with 4011 Flash Reducer