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Bubble FX Artool Stencil Set with DVD by Dennis Mathewson

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The Artool® Bubble FX™ Freehand® Templates are true organic shapes created from authentic bubbles which you can use to create amazing underwater backgrounds or a myriad of other effects. Artool® Bubble FX™ Templates (C) and (D) are produced using a special polymer-coated material which are solvent resistant. With proper care, and without folding, they will withstand years of repeated use.

These natural bubble patterns were born from a paint spill in my custom shop in Honolulu, which allowed me to share my secret techniques with other artists everywhere! Dennis Mathewson has owned and operated his custom art studio in Hawaii since 1976. Besides all of the custom cars and motorcycles Dennis has painted over the years, his amazing fine artwork graces the walls of Diamond Head Galleries on the island of Maui as well as Oahu. Dennis also travels worldwide teaching and promoting airbrush instruction, and writes feature articles for various publications.

“Submerge yourself in endless creative possibilities!” –Dennis Mathewson

INCLUDED! BUBBLE FX™ AIRBRUSH MASTER CLASS BONUS!!! Also included is the 70 minute ARTOOL® BUBBLE FX™ AIRBRUSH MASTER CLASS DVD by Dennis Mathewson. “I share my secrets on how to create radical Bubble FX™!”

Freehand Bubble FX

FH BFX 1 (A) 10” x 8” Create surface water reflections or perfect bubbles. The edges of this template provide you with water patterns to airbrush rippling water effects around the bubbles. Plus, a sunburst is included to finish off the surface light source!

FH BFX 1 (B) 10” x 8” This template is great for creating single groups of bubbles or bubbles linked together to follow an underwater subject like a fish or a diver. The sides can be used to airbrush water reflections that are choppy, wavy or a rolling smooth surface (by repeating the patterns). Or, you can paint a light reflective sandy bottom in an awesome underwater environment!

FH BFX 1 (C) 9” x 6.5” Use this special polymer-coated template to create natural and organic bubble patterns. By masking selected areas you will be able to airbrush natural flows in underwater artscapes. Plus, you can render amazing backgrounds or realistic water-drop effects for plants or a myriad of aqua scenes!

FH BFX 1 (D) 7” x 5” This polymer-coated Bubble FX™ Template is great for painting organic bubbles in motion. Create endless bubble patterns, water droplets, pebbled beaches, reptilian skin patterns and more!