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Harder Steenbeck Evolution CRplus with DA400R Compressor

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Infinity CRplus Airbrush
The Evolution CRplus combines elegance with maximum Resilience: It has a high-quality triple-coated with chrome-finish. In addition to the optimized design minimizes the chrome especially the risk of allergies those problems which the previous nickel devices could cause.

Key features include:
- Innovative lever mechanism
- Self-centering socket-type nozzle
- Simplified Handling
- All Evolution-parts (cups, nozzle sets etc.) completely compatible among each other!
- Future-orientated system structure
- Brilliant spray characteristics
- Excellent cost to performance ratio

A further advantage of the new CRplus series is an innovative longlife needle seal consisting of three solvent-resistant PTFE seals distinguished by a new type of screw technology. The longlife PTFE seals provide reliable protection against the undesired emergence of air and paint also on the cup screw fitting, nozzle and valve.

The Paasche DA400R is a well designed and powerful 1/6 horsepower airbrush compressor that provides great quality air flow at up to 50 PSI.

The automatic shut-off turns the compressor off when the airbrush is not being used. This feature lengthens the life span of the compressor. Automatic shut-off also helps prevent moisture billed up by limiting the run time of the compressor which diminishes heat.

Also installed are a reliable regulator, gauge and moisture trap.

This compressor is suitable for illustration, hobbies, models, T-shirts, auto-graphics, tanning etc.

-Oil Free Piston Compressor
-1/4 Horsepower
-Automatic Shut-Off
-Max Pressure 50 PSI
-Noise Level: 55 decibels