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KUSTOM CASH DVD from Airbrush Action Magazine

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If you’re having a tough time these days generating money, why not paint your own? Charles Armstrong, one of America’s premier automotive custom painters, generously shares his advanced micro-airbrush and vinyl techniques for rendering paper currency and fire photo-realistically onto any hard surface.

This presentation includes:

• How to work with vinyl

• How to transfer an image with Saral paper

• Micro-airbrushing dynamics

• Freehand-airbrush techniques

• The importance of good photo references

• Use of masking and fine-line tapes

• How to match colors

• Shadows and highlights

• Use of PPG urethanes

• PPG color shift colors

• How to mix colors

• How to reduce colors

• How to render real fire

• How to render a micro portrait

And much more!

About Charles Armstrong

Charles Armstrong owns Auto Art Studios in Prescott, Arizona, and has been airbrushing professionally for more than 17 years.