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Paasche VL Airbrush / Createx Colors T-Shirt Set

by Paasche
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This is a good set for those who are interested in T-shirt airbrushing but don't want to make a huge investment upfront. The VL is a classic in the T-shirt painting industry and the set includes all three nozzle sizes as well as some accessories. The D220R compressor, although not recommend for commercial use, is perfect for learning or doing the occasional job and wont make a lot of noise or take up too much space. The DVD is comprehensive and applies to the VL specially. Createx paints are great ideal for T-shirt application and can be heat set for permanent application.

- Paasche VL-SET Cotents: VL#3 Double-Action Airbrush

VL-189 Head Protecting Cap

VL-1/4-OZ Metal Color Cup (7cc)

VL-1-OZ Bottle Assembly (29cc)

H-194 1oz. Bottle, Cap/Gasket (29cc)

VLT-1 and VLT-5 Tips

VLN-1 and VLN-5 Needles

VLA-1 and VLA-5 Aircaps

A-34 Hanger and V-62 Wrench

A-1/8"-6' Air Hose

TTALB “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet

- Paasche D220R Airbrush Compressor w/ Regulator

- "Airbrushing with the VL" DVD

- Createx Set of 6 Opaque Colors

- 2oz Createx Airbrush Cleaner

- Pack of 6 Createx Airbrush Bottles Adapters