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Pin Up Girlies Part 2 Mini Series FH PUG II MS

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Since you are having such a blast with Deborah Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies®!, she went to work on an encore set: Pin-Up Girlies Part 2®!!

Pin-Up Girlies #2 and Sexy Girlie B are completely hot with this new pose! Standing up on her dainty little tiptoes, these girlies give you that cute little “hi there!‰” look over their shoulder. Plus, with her pinky raised, she can hold anything in her hand.

Girlies Boots should remind you of how much girlies love shoes! This girlie has long, sexy boots with heels, and then there are those rugged little work boots that are sure to give your girlie that edgy construction-girl look.

Stars, Spades, Bombs and Such have some great shapes to make your girlie even more exciting. Try dangling a bomb or a nautical star from her dainty little hand, or add a gamblin’ theme with hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs. A stars and stripes outfit is also included, along with another pair of sexy high-heeled boots!

Stars, Stripes and Jester Girlie is for those in a saucy mood. You can create a girlie with a corset who will look great holding a jester’s cap, or airbrush her up in a summer outfit with more sexy shoes!

All of the girlie shapes from the first set of Girlie Girls will interact perfectly with the templates from Pin-Up Girlies Part 2®!. Plus you can mix and match your Pin-Up Girlies®! with any of the other Artool Freehand Airbrush Templates®;!.

Give your airbrush and your imagination a whirl, have fun and definitely keep your eyes wide open for the next set of Deborah Mahan’s Pin-Up Girlies®!!