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Thayer & Chandler Vega 2000 Airbrush #T61-3

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- Double Action Internal Mix
- Smooth action, an oversized trigger, and slim-line design create a great airbrushing feel.
- Twice the needle travel for better control.
- Unique cutaway handle allows for quick tip cleaning by moving the exposed needle chuck back and forth.
- Works well with several types of paint, and for many different applications.
- Self-sealing, self centering tips give unparalleled range from fine line to broad spray.

Conceptualized in concert with leading artists - In 1992 Thayer & Chandler revolutionized the airbrush industry by engineering a high volume airbrush with a lighter, more comfortable, streamlined design and an innovative, anti-clogging, cut-away handle feature.

Engineered for easy maintenance, all Vega parts are quickly changeable for little down time. Self-centering, self-sealing fluid tips come in 3 sizes to handle any airbrush application. The rocker lever is attached to the needle tube for easy disassembly, and eliminating loose or shifting parts falling out of the airbrush. A larger contoured one-piece trigger slips easily into place, no more fumbling with two-piece triggers. Each Vega airbrush is tested in actual use, assuring you the best in performance.